Home care and Brazilian waxing at home

Today you can use home care and cosmetics devices and are comfortable to use and care for the skin professionally and conveniently. With home care products, moisturizing, nourishing and cosmetics can be absorbed into the skin, reducing wrinkles, wrinkling, pigmentation, sun spots, and skin care. Treatments for these innovative technologies are being sold at beauty and beauty centers at high prices. Today, all the technologies that have been adapted for easy and safe home use can be enjoyed.

Skin care with cosmetic care devices is a sporty and stimulating activity in the deep layers of the skin. This activity stimulates the body’s natural activity, which has been decreasing over the years and significantly helps to slow the rate of skin aging. Constant care is a very important factor in the success of treatment and achieving the desired results over time.

For years we have known that it is customary to use cosmetic care products to maintain the body’s skin and slow the aging process. Today, however, it is known and proven that most of the cosmetics and cosmetics can keep our skin and make it feel pleasant, but a real slowdown in the rate of skin aging? In most cases, the answer is negative. Excessive use of cosmetics and cosmetics is also not recommended because the skin comes into contact with many substances, some of which are harmful to our health.

Human skin tissue consists of three layers: the external epidermis layer, the layer of the middle dermis and the layer of the hippodermis, which consists of fat and connective tissue. The epidermal tissues protect against harmful substances and other environmental conditions by the skin’s protective wall. The protective layer of the epidermis protects the skin by isolating the skin from harmful external substances, but it also blocks the absorption of nutrients and the maintenance of nutrients and moisture in the skin, which means that cosmetics and cosmetic moisturizers will never penetrate the hippodermis, the layer of wrinkles, The dermis are the most important ingredients for softening the skin ¬†shortening the period for a brazilian wax and maintaining healthy and well-nourished skin

Lack of water in the dermis layer will cause dry skin and skin wrinkles, while lack of nourishment will reduce the secretion of collagen protein and thus the fibrous part of the dermis will crack and produce wrinkles. The hippodermis layer consists mainly of fatty tissue and connective tissue and its function is to support the skin, compress and soften it. The decline of the connective tissue will also lead to the depletion of the face and wrinkles of old age. Statistically only 15% of the nutrients, moisturizers and cosmetic nourishment are fully absorbed into the skin when we apply cosmetic products manually.
The devices operate in several different technologies:

With far infrared light technology, photon waves are used to help the skin absorb moisture and nutrients, brighten the skin, inhibit skin aging and wrinkle, dilate the capillaries, tighten pores, and tighten the skin. The light therapy, quickly dissolves and dissolves stains and age spots, including pigmentation created over the years on the surface of the skin.

Ultrasonic – The ultrasonic device uses ultrasound technology by using sound waves at a rate of one million beats per second. An effective skin care device for anti-aging treatments, tissue rehabilitation, cellulite treatment and circumference. The unique high-frequency vibration of one million beats per second is very effective for increasing skin permeability and introducing cosmetic nutrients through the skin’s isolated membrane, thus applying the main function of adding water to the cells and introducing skin care and nourishing materials.
Galvanic – In Galvanic Technology, a process of beatings that produces negatively or positively charged ions occurs. The use of these ions improves the metabolism and absorption of the skin, allowing the nutrients to moisturize and clear water solids to reach the depth of the skin and maintain healthy and well-nourished skin. This technology enables the introduction of water-soluble substances into the skin, stimulating blood circulation and metabolism in the cells. Galvanic devices can perform an adsorption to clean or penetrate skin care products.
Biomimics – the Greek word means “imitations of life”, in fact imitations of natural processes, learning from nature for the purpose of invention and solving a human problem. Biomimetic technology investigates nature’s activity in order to imitate it in order to solve any human problem. A new method called “wrinkle eraser” is a care device that adopts biomimetic technology by using an electrode to conduct microflows across the surface of the wrinkles to the layer of the dermis below. This method imitates the brain’s photon wave energy to accelerate the collagen synthesis and growth factor of the human epidermis, to restore the supporting elastic structure to gradually smooth the deep wrinkles.