How Does Christmas look like all around the world ?

Christmas in Berlin

If you want to experience Berlin in the most perfect way, one of the times to do so and perhaps the best period is during the Christmas period. The city of Berlin is full of life, interest and experiences, and a variety of markets and fairs open in every corner. Berlin for the holiday traveler offers its charm and being the capital of Christmas markets and fairs. In Berlin in the period of November, December you can find over 65 different markets and fairs offering their wares to all who require.

Every Berliner has a different taste, and in the city’s many markets and fairs for Christmas everyone can find what he likes. Allow yourself to walk among the many stalls scattered in squares and boulevards, to enjoy the aromas and colors that the stalls offer and simply flow with the holiday atmosphere so unique to the city.

As noted, the city of Berlin offers a variety of markets during Christmas and every year there are more and more booths and more and more markets. The main recommendation we can give travelers in Berlin during this period is simply to walk around the city and move through the various markets, find new points of interest and new markets that may not be familiar to most.

This year you can find markets in many places throughout Berlin. One of the largest markets is the market opposite the Charlottenburg Castle. The market is a tourist attraction in itself with periodic cyclists, various theme exhibits in the palace, and various lighting performances.

A classic Christmas market in Berlin is the WeihnachtsZauber market on Gendarmenmarkt Square. The market in one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin is an attraction for the whole family and the market atmosphere is of charm and pampering.

Another grandiose and typical market can be found in the Sony Center. With more than 4,000 square meters of stalls, all in the holiday atmosphere you will not be able to leave this market empty-handed, and the market offers an ice skating rink for adults and adults and have qzz in your life.

For all travelers in Berlin and those looking for shopping in Berlin Christmas time offers all possible options. We recommend that you travel to Berlin and check for an updated Berlin weather forecast. The weather in Berlin can change plans and trips so you should prepare in advance.

Christmas in London with Children

So you decided on a vacation or a trip to London with the children. You also said “If London is with the children then in November – December the Christmas period.” But what do we do? what to see? Where to be? What to do and see in London for kids? In this article we will try to answer these and other questions. Here is a small and small number of what to do with children in London during Christmas time. Please note that there are countless more attractions in London and activities that open at any time. Here we give general ideas and different options that usually take place every year. So we start?

Christmas in the Middle Ages.
A visit to London Castle will take you back to the Middle Ages. Christmas at the Fortress is a great time to show children how they lived and celebrated in the 13th century. With lots of activities and activities your children will always want … more.

The secret village of Santa.
A mandatory attraction in London for children during the Christmas period. Come with the children to a show of magic and magic in the secret village of Santa located in the market Cologne. Come and join Santa and his dwarfs in the special cave, come see how they live and how they produce the presents for the little ones.

Ice Skating.
London in the winter and especially during the Christmas period is full of ice skating rinks. Take the kids and come skate with all the Londoners. The surfaces are full of children and families, and the holiday atmosphere is everywhere.

Christmas tree in the center of Trafalgar.
Let’s show kids the biggest Christmas tree in London. The tree located in the center of Trafalgar Square has become with the years an inalienable asset of the inhabitants of London. Come see and be impressed by the tree, participate in hymns around it or stroll through the Christmas fair in the square area.

In any case, London offers countless attractions and various events for travelers in the city during the Christmas period whether you are in London with the children or whether you are there for work you can see and experience a variety of attractions and activities just have to choose. We recommend that you pre-order and buy or download a map of London in order to make it easy to find attractions and entertainment.

Christmas in Rome

A phenomenon that may seem puzzling for tourists during Christmas and New Year’s is a long-standing Italian tradition of hanging red underwear. The creative practice is based on the belief that wearing red underwear in this period brings good luck to the new year, and as they say – in Rome was a Roman, albeit a strange but worth trying …

On the night of December 24, Christmas Eve, thousands of excited visitors gather to the main event in St. Peter’s Square, and, more precisely, St. Peter’s Church – the second largest church in Christendom – to midnight mass (beginning at 22:00). In the crowded and bustling square, the atmosphere is extraordinary, the excitement at its peak, especially with the unveiling of a traditional performance of the scene of Jesus’ birth, which is revealed to the public only on the eve of the holiday. Investors in particular can book tickets in advance to attend Mass at the church itself and listen to the Pope’s speech, a significant and powerful religious event broadcast in dozens of countries around the world. Many argue that the atmosphere in the square is exciting enough for anyone who is not connected to Mass in a religious way.

For those interested in a more modest event, there are hundreds of other churches in Rome, for which Christmas Eve is the most important evening of the year, and to avoid this crowd will be a unique and exciting experience. A special church is the Church of Santa Maria Arcuali, considered the official church of Rome. The church is located on Capitol Hill, and every year on Christmas Eve you can enjoy a play that compares grace and charm to the candle lighting tradition on each of the 124 steps of the church. In addition, on Christmas Eve, a special treasure is found in the church, which is hidden during the rest of the year: a statue of the baby Jesus, which disqualifies an olive tree taken from the garden of the vegetable oil, where Jesus prayed before his crucifixion. For all these walking you must prepare before a high quality pair of walking boots, that can be suited for long walks,

On December 25th, as in the religious holidays in our country, most of the known sites, such as the Vatican, Coliseum, forums etc. are closed to visitors. The Romans spend the day with their families, and this makes it possible to stroll around the sites crowded and crowded the rest of the year. For example, the historical center of Rome, which is often filled with tourists, or the beautiful squares and fountains of the city, the fascinating architecture and the impressive historic buildings that protrude from the streets of Rome. You can also visit the Christmas market which is still open, wander around the Vatican and even get an impression of the Pope’s Christmas speech. In fact, it is best to stick with the family holiday atmosphere and warm up with vacation partners (and a glass of wine or good coffee …).